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McWeb Corporation

Web Art
, 2002

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The McWeb Corporation is an artistic interpretation of the way in which governments and corporations sell and promote new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) with utopian rhetoric, when arguably they're used to solidify and extend existing social practices, i.e. reinforcing capital’s sovereignty over labour. This practice relates back to Marx’s lament that all new technologies since 1850 were created to provide “capital with weapons against a working-class revolt.”

The McWeb Corporation consists of six "machines", each one relating to a different method of control and mobilization realised or aided by the Internet. The machines are autonomous and the viewer’s relationship to them is passive; he or she has no control over their outcome and their discourse doesn't change in response to the viewer’s actions.

The project and supporting research and documentation was created as a final project for a Master of Arts degree in Digital Practices.

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